Green Machine Appliance Repair

Working Hours Mon to Fri 8 AM - 5 PM

Saturday and Sunday Closed

Our Pricing

Green Machine Appliance Repair Pricing

At Green Machine Appliance Repair, we take care to provide our customers with fair and competitive pricing. Our repair quotes are easy to understand and all-inclusive. All expenses are clearly explained and approved by the customer before any work commences.

Service Fee

A $139 service fee is charged on the first trip to the household. It covers the diagnosis as well as all overhead costs such as travel, insurance, licensing, and other admin costs incurred while operating Green Machine Appliance Repair. The service fee is waived when any repair takes place.

Repair Fee

Once the appliance has been evaluated and the cause of the malfunction has been established a repair fee will be quoted to the customer. This fee is all inclusive: it covers the cost of any replacement parts as well as installation/labor.

Note: The service fee is waived when any repair takes place.

Service Guarantee

All repairs are guaranteed for 1 year parts and labor; if for any reason the repair fails within that time frame we will correct the problem at no additional cost to the customer as soon as we are able. We take customer satisfaction very seriously and we go out of our way to make sure any failed repairs are corrected in an expedient fashion.